Monday, April 07, 2014

A Nasty Day on the water

 Doug, Joe and Steve
Joe's 30" Striper
Cloudy and Rain, Water Temperature 57*
We got early this morning to catch bait but we had to throw for a couple hours to get enough to get started. We set out a spread of boards and started taking hits on points. The weather was horrible. The cold, rain and occasional gusts made the day quite uncomfortable. We pulled for about 2 hours this morning before running out of baits then spent a couple more hours restocking the bait tank. This morning when the wind was blowing out of the East we took plenty of hits but the fish did not seem to really want the baits. The fish would hit the bait and pull the planner board 10 to 20 feet across the surface then simply let go. In the afternoon the wind changed to to West which changed the fishes attitude. The Stripers would hit the baits better increasing our hook up ratios considerably. Then the wind changed again to out of the North turning the fish off. Although the weather was poor today and the bite was fickle we had plenty of fun and action. We had over 30 strikes boating 12 Stripers and a few Catfish. Joe is pictured holding his 11 pound Striper. The water temperature dropped over 3 degrees while we fished today.

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