Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alec, Michael and Anthony

Today Tony, DP and myself wanted to take our sons out for a couple of hours to have some fun on the water. Everyone met me at 10 at my house and off we went to the lake. After catching bait we only had a couple hours to fish before having to get back for baseball practice. We set out a spread of boards and worked an area about 500 yards long. Michael took the first fish on and brought it to the boat, a nice 10 pounder. Alex hopped on the next rod and landed one about 6 pounds. Then we hit a spot where it got real crazy and they all reeled in fish after fish. We moved away from it and hit one more point and that is where Alec's 14 pound Striper tried to pull him into the lake. He battled it for about 5 minutes before we finally boated the fish. If there was a boat within a mile of us they probably thought we were beating the kids because of all the screaming and moaning. Alec thought he had broke his hand reeling in the fish but in the end he was just fine. We could not figure out if the boys enjoyed the fishing or just being together more, there were just smiles the whole time.

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