Friday, April 18, 2014

The Copenhavers

 Mark, Dicky, Kim, Kelly, Nicole and Jeremy
Mark"s Hog
Partly Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 60* and Clear
Today"s trip was a Christmas present  given to her Dad and Sister Kelly from Kim. I had caught bait by the time I picked them up at 6:30 so we were able to start fishing immediately. As luck would have it I started getting my spread out and a boat ran right down the whole bank that I was going to fish. We still hit the bank because I did not want to waist the baits but only got rolled several times,  the fish were spooked. After moving to another bank we continued to take hits but had marginal hook-ups. We worked different areas through out the morning with fish working our baits about everywhere we tried. We probably had 50 hits today and the family got to take home enough fish for this holiday weekend's bash on the lake. Mark is pictured holding a 15 pound Striper. Looks like the lake is going to "Turn On" finally and fishing should improve greatly.

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