Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Emerald Homes

Ray, Marvin, Sean, Robert and Raymond

Sunny and beautiful, Water temperature 50* and Clear
Guide Brian who also sells homes for Emerald Homes in Richmond wanted to treat Ray and the guys to trip to the lake so Brian cooked up a feast Monday evening for them, housed them in the lake house and took them fishing today for Stripers. We threw for bait for a couple of hours then picked up the crew and went fishing. Once we got all of our baits out we started taking hits and Sean reeled in the first fish of the day. We worked the area for about an hour catching fish then caught some more baits and set up in a different area pulling planner boards. We caught fish there as well before deciding to make one more final move. I had to get off the water early for an appointment so we put out 14 lines then emptied the bait tank and took a picture of the guys holding up some fish. While I was popping the picture we hooked up and boated a Striper and before we could get our lines in another fish met his doom. We ended up with 14 Stripers for our efforts today. The water is finally warming which is going to turn this lake on.

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