Thursday, March 24, 2016

A good day for Sailing

Jim, Howard, Lora, Bob, Rory and Larry

Sunny and WINDY, Water temperature 58*
Old friend Howard wanted to take some friends fishing today so he put a trip together and we went out this morning. I got out early and caught a bunch of nice baits then picked up everyone around 7am. We knew the wind was going to howl today but Howard said if we could just catch a couple fish before the wind got up everyone would be happy so we gave it our best shot. This time of year fish are usually in "spots" and unfortunately these spots are not on bluff banks or out of the wind. I fought the wind till my 36 volt trolling motor tapped out and we managed to get 13 keepers to the boat before we had to come in. Fishing in the wind has its challenges but it is all worth it to see the smiles on peoples faces when they reel in a nice fish.

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