Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Fun Outing

 Bobbie, Herbert, Frank, Pete, Henry and Alan

A couple nice one's
Sunny and Pleasant, Windy afternoon, Water Temperature 56* 
Some of the guys came out to catch bait with me this morning then we picked everyone else up and went looking for fish. I started to set up on some deep fish when a friend called and said he just popped two very shallow. I changed plans and put out a spread of boards and pulled the nearest shallow flat. We pulled 500 yards without a strike so I decided to go back out deeper. As soon as we dropped off over 20 feet we started seeing Stripers again. Before going out this morning I had thought the fish may have pulled out off the flats due to the cold front and that was where I was seeing the fish so I concentrated on deeper water. Next thing we knew we started taking hits. We kept moving then I got a whiff of Stripers and told the guys to get ready. Next thing we knew we had hook up after hook up. Things were crazy but controlled for a couple of hours then the bite simply quit. That was a good time to go look for some bait so we got our lines in and took off. We set up in another similar area but the wind was up and controlling the boat was becoming more difficult. After working it for 30 minutes I decided to go someplace with a similar pattern that may be out of the wind a little better. The move paid off and we were back in the action. Today the guys kept 18 Stripers and released about 6 punks. Plenty of good eating on that stringer.

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