Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Beautiful Bluebird Day

 Dylan and Brian

Walt with a citation Yellow Perch

Sunny and Beautiful, Water temperature upper 40's
This morning I had a couple hours to spare before I had to go to an appointment around lunch time so I took Brian and his son Dylan and Walt out for some fun on Lake Anna. This time of year weather can be crazy, the last 2 day the wind howled and this morning it was so calm I was praying for a breeze to put a ripple on the surface. Usually when it is dead calm my shallow bite suffers so this morning I started out with downlines. We popped 6 Stripers pretty quick but after 10 minutes of catching it was over so we moved on. We pulled a shallow flat that I caught fish on a few days ago but the sun was so bright we only took a couple of hits. We made a move and hit another area with a whole lot of structure changes but only managed to catch punks. I couldn't stay out long this morning so we made one more move and tried downlines over 30 feet of water and popped some nicer fish. Dylan caught most of the keeper Stripers this morning and Walt is pictured holding a Citation Perch. He is a great Taxidermist and probably will make a nice mount out of this colorful fish.

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