Thursday, March 03, 2016

Simrad Screen Shots

 In this screenshot I had already gone over some Stripers on a 30 foot flat and wanted to go precisely back to the spot so using the touch screen I drug back to this area and created a waypoint by touching right where the + is. Once doing this it marked my Navionics map with an X and designated a # 222 for that spot. In the square box it showed me some data that I use to go directly back to the spot. It was 55.1 feet away from me and I headed 140* on my COG [right side of screen] to go back to it. It also recorded the water temperature and exact depth of the water. On the map I also turn the trolling motor to point the boat [black boat like figure] to the waypoint which also takes me to the spot. On this particular occasion fish were few and far between but we put downlines out at 25 feet and popped a couple. Some days I have to locate numerous tiny schools to put fish in the boat. My Simrad is my best friend on the water.

 In this pic I was working a 30 foot hump pulling a downline at 25 feet [long horizontal line] right through the Stripers. As you can see the bait went right through the small school and did not take a hit. You can also see some Stripers on the side scan. By highlighting different depths on my map makes it easier to visualize the hump. I also marked a couple ares on the hump where we went over small schools of Stripers.

 On this screen shot I was looking for small schools using my sonar and map. My sonar page is zoomed in to a 12 to 30 scale because the fish I had been seeing were relating to the bottom. The Blueish small screen in the middle is indicating the part of the water column I am zoomed into. These fish were small but I wanted to see what they were so I waypointed them, turned the boat around and put 2 baits right on the bottom. One of the lines hooked up with a 3 pound Bass.

 I was working ridges on this particular afternoon and hooked up with a Hybrid where the channel split the ridge into. Notice the bait being pulled through the school and not getting hit. On side scan the fish look big but notice how slow I am traveling. When the boat is hardly moving the vertical marks are bigger because the fish stay in the picture longer. If you look at the sonar page you can see numerous fish but the arches are very thin and showing very little color. Larger fish at this speed would have much more color within the arch and the arches would be much more defined.

Here I was pulling down lines at 25 feet and went over the channel and noticed Stripers 60 to 80 feet to the right of the boat on side scan. Fishing was slow so I maneuvered the boat over to them but did not get bit. When the fish are directly over the channel I seldom catch them. When I see them 95% of the time the Stripers are not feeding and I move on, as I did in the 2 pictures above.

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