Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

 Richard and Ron

 Ron's Big Un
Richards Big Un

Cloudy and EAST wind, Water Temperature 58* 
This morning I got on the water before 4 to catch bait and was ready for the guys when they showed up at the ramp. I hate this East wind and I told the guys we would catch fish but the fish would be lethargic and mess with the baits more than eat them. We set up on a flat and had four or five rises and pullbacks then a couple boats ran over us but we knew it was the weekend and the wind was not in our favor. After awhile we boated a couple fish then a couple more but it was slow. We continued to take hits but the fish did not want to commit to the baits. After fishing a couple different areas of a similar pattern and only catching a couple fish we moved to another spot. We hit this flat twice with only a couple rises then off to the south we saw a fine mist of rain headed our way. The water got a little chop, the went shifted a little and the fish turned on. For about an hour we were in heaven., We caught some really nice Stripers today but we lost some nice ones as well due to their lethargic feeding habits this morning. 'Tiss the season for Big fish. We are booking fast so if you want to be in one of these pictures better hook up with to battle on of these Giants. Remember I am raffling a full day charter for 6 for my grandson's Baseball team, check out March 24th post for details.

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