Monday, June 26, 2006

John, Micheal, and John Phillips, Carl Sierk

June 226, 2006 : Cloudy and rain, Water temp 81*
Bait collection sucked this morning, only caught 40 Herring by daylight and I need 200. Picked clients up and looked for schools on 35' flats. Took about 45 minutes before I found what I wanted, but when I did the graph looked like spagetti with all of the arches from 20' to 35' deep. We put downlines on them and proceeded to work on 'em. That school wooked its way uplake so I kept moving to keep up with it but sone ran out of bait . Looked for bait for 2 hours again and finially found it in 17' of water, threw the net and caught 125 herring. Feast or Famine. Went in search of Stripers again and went uplake and found a school of 10 pounders, all lines went down and the fight was on. Clients ended up catching 28 Stripers, 8 Cats and kept 16 very nice Stripers. Sorry for the bad picture, it was pooring down rain and those are raindrops on the picture.

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