Friday, June 23, 2006

Stuart Anderson, Norm Slattery, Mike High and Ronnie Manley

June 23, 2006, Cloudy and warm, Water temp 82*
Bad thunderstorms this morning while collecting bait, rain slacked off just before I picked up my clients at 5:30. Didn't get far from the marina before I found a nice school. Put downlines out, hooked up and got on the radio and called John and Danny in on the school. We all caught some before the school started to move downlake. I pulled up and found them again and called the other guys in. A couple of other bass boats saw us catching fish and ran in on us and spooked the fish. I pulled up and relocated the school again and again and again untill we ended up catching 35 Stripers and a couple of cats. Clients kept 20 Stripers for about 100 pounds and we were off the water buy 9:15.

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