Friday, June 30, 2006

Paul Henon, Jim Henon, Barnett Gibbs, Mike Hufner, and George Barboza

June 30, 2006 : Sunny and warm, Water 81* and clear
Picked clients up at High Point Marina at 5:30 am and found a small school of Stripers to "break" my clients in on and had a few hits and caught a few fish . After making sure they knew what they were up for I put them on a larger school and the fun began. John was guiding today so I called him in on the action and also called Danny in as well. All 3 boats were catching fish but the majority of this school was staying right under John's boat so after 10 minutes I decided to get on my big motor and find a larger school. I only had to go 400 yards and located plenty of fish. By 6:30 we had 7 keepers and John had 13 keepers, only needing 3 more to limit out. I kept moving and fishing different schools while John tried to catch 3 more keepers. By 10:30 the boat traffic had got up and had turned the fish off . We hadn't been hit for 40 minutes and we all knew it was all over so we called it a day, and a good day it was. Johns crew caught over 35 fish and ended up with 14 keepers and my clients had over 150 hits, caught over 40 Stripers and a bunch of Kitties, kept 16 Stripers, the largest was 30" and 11 pounds.

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