Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tom Hanlon, Gary Saur, Steve Bartlett, Ted Aposporos, and Alen Breon

June 24,2006 ; Cloudy and rainy, Water Temp 81*
Rain this morning while collecting bait, picked up clients and went in search of the ever moving Striper Schools. Took about 4 minutes to locate our first school in 34' of water. I instructed my clients on how to put the downlines down and we got 6 hits before the school moved off. Located another school , put downlines on them and caught a few more before we lost the school. By now my clients had the drill down and I put them on a larger school and we proceeded to wear them out. After about an hour and a half the coller was full, I counted the fish and we had kept 20 nice Stripers. We had 70 hits this morning, catching 35 Stripers and a few Cats.

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