Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Craig Munro and Stu Anderson

June 21, 2006 : Sunny and Hot, Water temp 81* and clear
Caught bait early today and picked up clients and went looking for Stripers. Checked up from the marina for an hour and only found singles. Finally found a school in 33 ' of water and put downlines on them, poped 3 Stripers out of the school and looked up and a boat that saw us catching the fish ran 30 yards from us and spooked the school. Tried with no success to relocate that school so I went downlake to look for fish. Found a few fish in 40' , put out lines and damn if the same boat followed us and started heading for us so I picked up and dodged him. Fishing was slow today although clients had 80 hits they boated 20 Stripers, kept 8 and a few cats.

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