Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bill Haynes with sons Bill, Scott and daughter Lynne

Cloudy and drizzle, Water temperature 84* and Clear.
Went out early and caught bait, picked my crew up at 5:30 at High Point Marina. I was concerned today with the weather, they were calling for East winds all day and 50% chance of thunderstorms, neither are good for summer fishing. John was out today also and I told him that the clouds would make the fish not school very well early, so he went one direction and I went the other looking for schools. Unfortunately I was correct, after about an hour of looking all we saw were pods of Stripers. Both John and I set up on a pod just to show our clients how to deploy the baits then I went looking for Schools. I found a school over 25 feet of water , set out baits on them, called John, and everyone started hooking up. We were taking hits but in true East wind conditions the punks and Catfish were more interested in eating than the nicer Stripers. We put a few in the box and I move a little and found another school. These Stripers were a little more cooperating but still our bait was getting used up fast. John pulled up and experienced the same thing, our ratio's were about 2 keeper Stripers, 4 punks and a couple Cats for every 25 baits we used. I felt we could do better so I left John with that school and went looking for another. I found a large school, we set up on it and all the rods went off with decent fish. I grabbed the mike and called John, grabbed the net and started throwing fish on the deck and at the same time tried to get more baits out before the school moved on. As luck would have it a few fish swallowed the hooks, a couple lines got tangled and it took a while to get back in business. We worked a couple more schools and ended up having a good day. Bill got to take home 17 fish. Today's trip was a birthday present from Bills children, he is celebrating his 75th.
Happy Birthday Bill!

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