Thursday, June 10, 2010

Joe and Brian Mohr, Josh, Steve, and B.J.Thumbs

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 83* and clear.
Brian and I got out early and caught 250 baits, picked the guys up about 5:45 and went in search of schools. Within 45 seconds of leaving the marina I found an acre of Stripers. I shut the big motor off and tried to explain to the guys how to put the lines out but by the time everyone understood how to do it [and a backlash later] the school had moved. At least is was practice on how to deploy the baits. I got back on the big motor and found another school, this time we got the baits out quick enough and every rod hooked up, and continued to hook up for the next 30 minutes. Brian and I were baiting at this time and the other guys were reeling in the fish. After about 20 fish I lost that school and located another , we put the baits out and popped a few more. We hit 2 more schools catching fish in all of them then I hit the mother load, after we baited all the lines I looked up and every rod was buried into the water. We worked that school for about 30 minutes then moved on. We hit another school, caught a couple more fish and called it quits for the day. It was 8:45, we had boated over 50 Stripers and a handful of Cats, we kept 24 and released all the others to fight again. All these guys except Brian were and are teachers from West Va. and took a couple days off just after school let out to celebrate Joe's retirement and the end of the school year. Not a bad way to start the summer, catching 50 Stripers in a couple hours. We were off the water before it got too hot, plenty of time to clean the fish and enjoy the lake for the rest of the day. Joe is an avid fisherman and plans to fish as much as his wife Sherry will let him in his retirement. Good Luck and Congratulations on your retirement Joe!


Unknown said...

Wow!! Great catch guys!! Those West Virginians sure know how to sleigh the fish!! Hope Joe catches his "whopper" for the big retirement celebration!! Have fun guys!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Jim! Thanks again for all your hard work and making sure we had plenty of fish to clean! Have a great summer!