Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jim, Bob, Rachid, Amir and Jalil

Sunny, Hot, Water temperature 86*and Clear.
Caught 220 baits this morning and picked the guys up about 5:30. Didn't go far before I found a school so I instructed the guys on how to deploy the baits and we set up on them. It was still before 6 and we took about 20 hits before the school dissipated. I got back on the big motor and started looking and found a school up in a creek and we put out on them. By now the guys were a little better in getting the baits out and we started putting fish in the boat. It wasn't long before I heard someone yell "This is just like it says on the journal!" We worked that school for about 40 minutes before we lost it. I got back on the motor again and looked this time for about 20 minutes then found acres of Stripers. I told the guys this is what they came for and we needed to get her done right this time and before we could get all the lines set everything hooked up. We burnt up the rest of our baits on this school and only had a few weak baits left after the action subsided. It was just 8:30 and we had gone through 2oo baits. All I could do is troll for the rest of the time, by 8:30 we had 20 keepers on bait, we fished for 5 more hours for 1 more keeper on artificial.
The 2nd picture is a ball of bait I attracted with a new light that I am trying out, the bait ball was about 40 feet wide by 20 feet deep.

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