Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jeff, Hamid, Dick and Senior

Sunny and HOT...Water temperature 88* and Clear.
I got out early and caught 200 nice baits, went back to the marina to pick up my clients. We were suppose to depart at 5:30 and after me calling them 3 times I left the marina at 6 with no clients on board. I looked nearby the marina and found 2 schools of Stripers, put out 2 lines on each school and caught fish. I called the marina about 6:20 and half my crew had arrived, the others had got lost and even got a speeding ticket trying to get back to the marina. We were finally on the water by 7 and I headed to a school that I knew of that was holding a lot of Stripers. I went right to them and they were there. I tried to explain how to deploy the lines as the depth finder was lit up with arches, soon as we engaged the reels the rods would bend over. It was quite hectic for a short time while Dick was trying to learn exactly how to work the rods. It didn't take long before we all understood, and then the school was gone. We had been on it for 15 minutes and popped 10 fish out of the school. I got back on the motor but could not locate that school again. I found another school, we set up on it and caught 8, but most were small fish so I moved on. We found a couple more schools in the neighborhood and worked them but did not have as good results. I decided to make a big move and left the area looking for greener pastures. We pulled up on a school uplake and caught 6 out of it but most of them were punks so I looked for another school. By now it was mid morning, the schools had broke up, all we could see were single and small pods of fish. I still had plenty of bait but could not find anything worth setting up on. Senior had asked about trolling on previous trips so I decided to show him how it was done. We ended up trolling the rest of the day, catching another 10 Stripers. Today we caught over 30 Stripers, better than I had thought after such a late start, the guys took home a stringer full to eat. Dick is the guy in the black shirt, he is mad because he has to drive all the way home while Jeff sleeps.

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