Friday, June 04, 2010

Jason with guests Daniel, Clint and Ken

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 85* and Clear.
Some horrible storms blew threw last night which worried me about fishing today. The guys came out with me to catch bait and dodged a storm on the water. We went in search of Stripers at 5:30 and looked for an hour not finding any schools. After storms like we had sometime fishing is slow to start on the following mornings as was the case today. I set up on a couple of pods of fish with little success. I finally found what I wanted as the schools were forming about 7:45 and we put the baits out. We had a double hookup and Jason landed the big fish of the day. We chased that school around for the rest of the day, sometimes the Stripers would feed briefly then other time the Cats would eat. Sometimes we were right in them without getting bit at all. Our baits were running out early and ended up having a long day. We ended up catching 27 Stripers [only 13 kept] and a bunch of Catfish. We went through more than 200 baits today. We had plenty of action for just a fair day of fishing.

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