Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gary Gray Jr. with guests Phil, Chris, Chris, Gary Sr. and Travis

Sunny and HOT, Water Temperature 89* and Clear.
Caught bait early , went back to the dock and got the boat ready for my clients. I knew it was going to be a scorcher today and was hoping to get on the schools early and get off the water before it got too hot. I thought the Stripers would be schooled up well in the early am hour but I also knew they would disperse by 9 or so. I pulled out of the marina to show my crew how to deploy the lines and how to put the baits right in the Stripers faces and took off in search of schools. I looked for about 45 seconds and ran right over a major school. I stopped the boat, told the guys how many pulls to put the baits out, put the trolling motor in and started baiting hooks. Everyone was doing OK but poor Travis was still asleep and had a lot of difficulty getting his two rods out. Being on such a large school for the first set up and everyone's rods bent over with fish did not help him much either. I had told them earlier that our first set up was going to be the worst then after two or 3 times it would go smooth, and it did. When I got everyone baited and they were all reeling in fish I yelled to John in his boat that I was on a school but he walked on me and was yelling the same to me, he had found a school and was working it in a different area. We put 7 or 8 fish in the box on the first set up and for the next couple hours we would find schools, work them for a few minutes, catch fish then loose the school. All the rest of the schools we encountered we worked like a well seasoned team, we could get 10 baits out and into the water in less than a minute. The schools were tight until we would release or loose a fish then they would disperse into pods. I would have to get back on the big motor and find other schools that were larger and tighter in order to catch fish. As it has been for the last month by about 10 all the schools had dispersed, the fish shut down and basically the fishing was over. We stayed out till 1 looking and fishing some areas but with little success. I had told the guys around 10:15 that if we would catch another keeper I would be surprised, we fished for 3 more hours, and caught 1 keeper. It was a good morning, plenty of early action, once Travis got the hang of it he put it on most of the other guys.

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