Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blaine and Carl

Cloudy, Windy and Cold, Water temperature 46*.
Today did not start out very well. It was 24* this morning when I left the house. I attempted to roll my window down but it was still frozen solid. Well the glass separated from the track and broke the window. Before I got to the marina Blaine called me and said they had a flat on 95 and would be late. Unfortunately we did not get out till around 8 so we caught bait and set a spread of boards out. The water temp had fallen again with the cold weather and snow and had dropped to 45.2*. We were in for a repeat of last Saturday when the temp dropped 5*. We fished for about 3 hours without the fish being aggressive. The wind was howling and it was cold. The water temp only rose a degree and a half up to 46.8 but that was enough to put the fish on the bank. We made a pass on a clay bank and had 3 or 4 fish hook up. I turned the boat around to try to hit it again but my trolling motor batteries [4 of them] were tired of fighting the wind and made it difficult to control the boat. We worked the same pattern for a couple hours then got blow off the lake. Blaine is pictured holding one of the two Bass he caught today. The fish inhaled the bait so deep he swallowed all of the hooks and died so we kept her. We were able to release his other Bass unharmed.

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