Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recent Lowrance Pictures

School of Crappie

Gizzard Shad and Stripers


Here are a few pictures that I took off of my new Lowrance HDS-12 unit. In the top picture I was graphing a 10 foot flat and then pulled off of the flat to the nearest drop off. Notice the bright yellow on the bottom, that is a hard rock bottom with a couple of rocks right on the top of the break. That is a contact point for that particular flat. The cloud hanging on the point is a school of nice crappie. Bass, Stripers and Crappie use contact points on flats to congregate before they move up on the flat and disperse to feed and they also get back together after feeding and school up on a contact point before moving back out over deeper water where they usually suspend. When I am looking for fish and don't find them deep or on the ledges or contact points I will not look up on the flat and spook the fish, instead I will shut my big motor down and immediately put out a spread of boards.
  In the second picture I am graphing a 20 to 25 foot flat marking Stripers [on the bottom left] then seeing the smaller Gizzard Shad prior to going up on the break. At the very top of my screen is my history, about 2 to 300 yards of graphing. As you can see, I had been going over numerous single and double fish relating close to the bottom. The Stripers are the larger arches.
   The third screen is actually 2 screens, the left screen is bottom lock showing 2,4,6,8,and 10 feet up off the bottom. The right side of the screen is traditional sonar. The Stripers were positioned very near a break.
   The fourth screen is sonar on the left, side scan upper right and down scan bottom right. The sonar and bottom scan are clearly showing Stripers from 9 to 14 feet. Side Scan shows a couple Stripers out 40 to 60 feet to the right side of the boat. Notice on my sonar page up on the top of the page in history that I had been going over a lot of bait then after the bait stopped I started marking numerous Stripers. I was traveling 4.6 mph while taking that picture. You can also see on my down scan the Stripers quit marking then the bait reappearing.
   I regularly take out anglers who need help learning their units and not only instruct them on how to use them but show them how to put fish in the boat. The next 4 months are great months to fish for Stripers on the Lake. Book a trip and learn more in a day fishing with me than, well, you decide.

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