Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jason, Doug, Howard and Tim

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 48* and Clear
I picked the guys up at their dock at 6:25 then went to catch bait. I made about a dozen throws and put 70 pretty baits in the tank. Boat traffic was busy where I wanted to fish so we made about a 4 mile run and set out a spread of planner boards pulling a flat with deep water nearby. Once we got up on the flat with our spread we started taking hits but the fish were out in the deeper water nearby the breaks. We worked the area for about 2 hour until too many boats had run over the flat so we made a move. We went and filled the tank up again with bait then setup another spread of boards. We worked for about a mile before we started taking hits again. For the next 4 hours we would have plenty of action catching some nice Stripers. Tim caught the two largest fish of the day, both about 10 pounds. Today we took about 35 hits. The water temperature is about 22 degrees colder this year than it was this time last year.

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