Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tommy, Jeff, Chuck and Jordan

Crazy Weather, Water temperature 46*
Wow, what a day. I picked my clients up at High Point then went to catch bait. The lake was glass, the ski was bluebird, and expectations high. I went to where I had caught bait the last 3 days and there was none. I kept looking till I found some scattered bait then threw about 20 times to fill the tank up. I set up in an area where I had caught a couple fish earlier in the week and worked about a mile stretch catching a few fish. By 9:30 the wind started to blow and clouds rolled in. By 11 the wind changed direction blowing out of the North dropping the air temperature 10 degrees. White caps were everywhere on the lake and squalls were blowing just North and South of us. Needless to say it did not look good. I looked for about 45 minutes to find a place to catch fish using the pattern that I was on that would be out of the wind but there was no such place on the lake. I decided to fish a couple areas I knew fish were in regardless of the wind. Many times today the wind would spin my boat around so I had to resort to using not only my trolling motor to help steer the boat but also my big motor to push us into the wind. I had my hands full putting baits out, retying lines that got fouled with other lines, netting fish, running to the helm to run the big motor and trying to steer through gusts with hopes of keeping the boat on somewhat of a course. All the hard work paid off, we ended up catching 22 Stripers today despite the weather. Jordan is pictured holding up the big fish of the day, a 12 pounder.

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