Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Lowrance


Lowrance HDS 12
My new Lowrance came in yesterday afternoon so I decided to hook it up this morning and take it for a test drive. My grandson Michael was down for the weekend and was dying to go fishing so we mounted the Lowrance and went to the lake around lunch time. My goal today was to get use to the Lowrance then if we had time to take Mike fishing. We worked [and played] with the depth finder for about 2 hours then we went and caught bait. I put out a spread of planner boards and downlines pulling 20 to 30 foot flats and before we knew it we hooked up with 3 at once. Mike wrestled them to the boat and I netted the fish. I left that area because I wanted to take some clients to it this week and moved to a similar area on the lake to see if I could establish a pattern. We put out the same spread of baits and had the same results. We caught 11 Stripers and kept 8 to bring home and fillet. We motored back to where we launched the boat, popped a picture and got home in time enough to clean our catch for dinner. I love my new Lowrance and Michael loved spending an afternoon on the water. I feel sorry for the Stripers this year, they don't stand a chance with this new Lowrance technology.

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