Saturday, March 29, 2014

A short mid day outing

 Anthony and Ethan
 Ethan's first fish of the day
Greg's 16 pound Striper

Cloudy and lite showers, Water Temperature 50* 
DP called me up this morning around 9:30 and hinted that it looked like the rain was going to miss us for a couple of hours so I took the bait and said lets go. I invited Greg then went out and filled the bait tank with water. 25 minutes later we were on the way to the lake. We had a short window to fish in, it was going to start raining hard around 2 and Ethan had to get back early for a practice this afternoon. Bait was tough, after a couple of hours we took what we had and put them out. All we really wanted to do is get out of the house and see the kids reel in a couple of fish. Ethan's first Striper was the first one to hit and he did a fine job of getting it into the boat. We popped a picture of it then Anthony hooked up and showed Ethan how a pro reels in a Striper. They traded turns reeling in fish for about an hour and a half till a nice fish hit our outer board. DP thought we were hung up but when he picked the rod up the fish tried to pull it out of his hands. He hollered for Ethan to come grab the rod but when DP handed it to him there was no way  Ethan could hold the rod much less turn the handle. DP passed the rod to Greg and he wrestled the fish to the boat where we netted it. I put it on the scale and it was a little over 16 pounds. The fish was in very good shape so we released it along with all the other fish we caught with the exception of the four fish the kids are holding. We all are having Striper for dinner and released enough fish for dinner for 20 if someone can catch them again.

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