Thursday, May 22, 2014

100 Plus Striper morning

John, Michael, Carroll and Kelly
Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 77* and Clear
I was  ready for my crew this morning when they arrived at the dock. I had a tank full of baits and was ready to show them what to do. After going over how to deploy the lines and how to reel the fish in I went looking for schools. All it took was about 10 minutes for me to find what I was looking for. Before we knew it we were reeling in fish. Kelly hooked up with the first Striper and won the $100 bet for first Striper of the day. Then everyone hooked up and the game was on. We worked the school for about 45 minutes then I pulled off of them so we could catch our breath and regroup. We had caught 20 Stripers and it was only 7 o'clock. We checked a few more places out catching fish everywhere we stopped. After running out of bait as I looked for bait I ran over school after school of Stripers....Murphy's Law if guess. I finally found some bait and filled the tank up again and headed back to where I saw the schools. I never made it to them, I ran over some nice fish so we set up on them.Things got real crazy then. We tried to get all of our baits in the water but the Stripers would have no parts of that. Every time a bait would hit the water it got attacked. We worked this school till we completely ran out of bait. Within an hours time we had over 100 hits and finished the morning well before lunch time with 103 Stripers. Kelly caught not only the first, but the largest and the most. They took home 20 nice Stripers and a whole lot of memories and some torn up thumbs.

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