Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A busy day of Catching Stripers

Maggie, Jim, Hamid, Senior and fast Eddie 
Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 68*
This morning I caught bait and was ready for the guys when they showed up at the marina. We headed off to the fishing grounds and I set out a spread of boards about 100 yards before an area where I knew fish were holding. I got my boards out but the plan did not work well, a guy motored in in front of me and fished with his big motor running???? Naturally he did not catch any fish and spooked most of the fish in the area. We still managed to catch 12 to 15 fish in a couple hour span before making a move. We moved about 4 miles where I found a nice school of fish. I no sooner put one bait in the water and immediately it hooked up. We scrambled to get as many lines out and caught a bunch of fish. I decided to make another move which really paid off, we ended up catching over 60 fish with the guys keeping their limits. It was a good day of fishing especially with some clients that have been going out with me for about 10 years. My job is great, I can earn a living, go fishing and be with good friends,,,, it just doesn't get any better than that.

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Unknown said...

Good job, Jim. Nice limit of fish . Nice to see the stripers are biting an the lake is cleaning up after the flood. PS great blogs on your journal,enjoy reading them. Jeff or want abe striper fisher man