Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Beautiful and Busy Weekend on the Lake

Jim, Patty, Bud, Jenna and Doug
Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 74* and Clear
Caught bait this morning then picked my clients up at their dock. Bud is a regular client wanting to learn as much as he can about Lowrance and catching Stripers so today I concentrated on teaching more than fishing. It was a good day to learn, fish were not schooled up like they have been so we spent a lot of time on electronics. We hit a couple of smaller schools early but the buzzards got too close for comfort so I picked up and ran down lake to hide. We fished a couple of areas then spent about an hour re-filling the bait tanks. By now the boat traffic was horrific, dozens of boats ran within 20 yards of us at full speed on both sides of  the boat and I was less than 50 yards off the bank! We continued to look and fish different areas and caught fish but there was nowhere we could hide from the traffic. That's fishing on the weekends. I need to have my head examined for attempting to try it. Anyway we overcame our challenges and caught plenty of Stripers, 6 Largemouth and a dozen Cats. Although the weekend traffic is loud and rough, we all had a great time battling the Stripers today. The weather is beautiful and a this is a great weekend for boating. I can't wait for the weekdays to return and I am sure the fish in the lake agree with me. They have to be all shook up.

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