Friday, May 23, 2014

Record setting morning

Kylie, Pappa Don, Megan, Jason and Caden
Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 77* and Clear.
Picked my crew up at the dock at 5:45 and went fishing. After showing them how to deploy the lines we set up on a flat that fish were holding on. We picked up where we left off yesterday, couldn't keep a bait in the water. By 7am we had already caught 40 fish and had used up every fish in the tank. I went and filled my tank up with bait again which took about an hour. Everyone had a good rest and were ready to get back to the action. We found a school and wore them out. Everyone was proficient now and the fish did not stand a chance. We went through another full tank of bait and by 9am had boated over 111 Stripers, a new record for my boat. Everyone did great on the boat especially the two children. Jason remarked on the way back in that this was great, they could get back in and go out to breakfast. The kids will always remember this fishing trip. Fishing for them will never be the same. What a beginning to a great summer. Book a trip to get into some great action this summer.

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