Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Herb and John

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 77* and Clear
This morning I caught bait then picked my clients up at their dock. After our introductions I told them that they were in trouble today only having two anglers this time of year but they laughed and said "Bring it on". Well within 10 minutes I had located a school of fish, taught them how to deploy the lines and the fun began. Since there were only two of them I put John up front and kept Herb in the back with me. Our goal was to get at least 8 baits in the water to show a school of bait. Silly of me to think that could ever happen. We had constant action and eventually I pulled them off of the school. They couldn't keep up with the action and I was having fun watching them try. I decided to leave that area and locate schools that were smaller so we could have more control over the action. We hit a few different areas but the action had slowed so I decided to go catch more bait. I caught over a hundred more baits then decided to put them back in a school to see what they could do. For the next 3 hours they had problems keeping one bait in the water much less attempting to get other rods in. It was comical to watch them go from reeling in a fish, trying to get that rod baited then attempt to put another line in before the first bait would get hit. They simply could not due to the action. They were loving every minute of the frantic action and I was loving watching them enjoy reeling in fish after fish. I would pull them off of a school so they could get a break then when they were ready put them right back over another to do it all over again. We fished till we ran out of bait then called it a morning. I lost track of how many fish they caught but John said he knew he caught well over 30 himself. I can't imagine how many we really caught but we used up over 200 baits. 
This time of year at least 4 anglers are needed to keep up with the action.

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