Thursday, May 01, 2014

Lake Anna is a Wreck!

 Water this morning was over the bulkhead and no docks were visible.
 Hunters Landing Ramp
 Where are all the docks?
 5 Miles of this.
One of five boats we saw in a couple mile span that had broke loose.

After all the rain the lake is tore up. The water got higher than I have ever seen it. It picked up everything [mulch, leaves, chairs, tables, gas cans, floats, literally everything that was not tied down] The lake looks like a mud bog all the way down to Jetts Island and to Rose Valley. If the wind would get up it probably would blow the debris to one side of the lake so that it could at least be navigable. Fish can still be caught, but you have to fish where your line can get through the water without picking up trash. Downlake from the splits should be fish-able this afternoon. With all the water that fell west of the lake I would imagine debris will continue to inundate the lake for a couple more days pushing the mud line further down the lake. 

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