Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Hectic Sunday on the Lake

 Bob, Anthony, Kyle and Bobby
Mike, Jim, Chris, Carlos and Ron

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 85* and Clear
Tony and I both had clients today so we got on the water early and put 200 baits in each of our tanks. After picking up our clients Tony went his way and I went mine. Tony was fishing a spot and I was looking for schools. After 20 minutes of looking I found a school so we set up on them and caught about 15 Stripers real quick. I called Tony over to join in on the fun but he had an issue to deal with that delayed his crew about 30 minutes and by then the school had split up. Tony found a bunch of fish out in the main lake and called me to them but after he and I worked them for 45 minutes with only catching a couple keepers we abandoned them and looked for more. We both hit a few more places then I had to go catch more bait. I put 200 more baits in my tank, found a school and set up on them. Everything went off and for about an hour we worked the fish. Tony called and said he had got on to some fish but had run out of bait so we went to him and gave him some of our baits. We both fished there till Tony ran out of bait then he went to catch more. I made a little move and we put our downlines down deeper on some fish that I saw on my Lowrance. That was the best move of the day, we popped 5 or 6 Hogs real quick to finish the day. And what a day it was...Plenty of catching, plenty of issues on the boats and certainly plenty of boat traffic to complicate fishing. One of my clients ran a hook through my finger and one of Tony's clients had the runs. At the end of the day all was well and everyone caught a bunch of fish.


Karl said...

I cannot imagine how you fishes today as much traffic as there was on the lake. Glad you all had a great day.

Unknown said...

Nice fishing Jim - know the feeling on the runs!