Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Great Morning

 Lee, Jason, RJ and Kendall

Sky and Tony

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 86* and Clear
Tony and I both had charters today so we caught bait, picked our crews up and went fishing. I rode for a little while and set up on a couple of places where we could get hit to learn how to deploy the lines and reel in the fish. After I thought they were ready I put them in the middle of a school. This situation is what I live for. Every rod bent over and the guys reacted brilliantly by reeling in their first fish each, grabbing the next one that was bent over and reeling it in. Within a minute we went from 0 to 8. We rebaited then did it again. By now Tony had got in the action and we started double teaming the school. I would loose them then Tony would find them. We hopscotched the school till both boats completely ran out of bait. We both went and caught more bait then I set up in an area that I knew we could catch larger fish. We worked it for about 45 minutes and limited out there. We were able to get off the water before it got too hot, an ending to a great day. They got to catch nice fish and I met some new friends. Tony had to stay out a little longer than us but they ended up with some beautiful fish. 

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Unknown said...

Hi Jim, Just want to say thank you for the tip, you me an my wife Sunday morning at high point. While I was taking the walk a shame, because I did not catch bait that morning. Went fishing and catch 8 stripers by 10:00am an was coming off the water. Jeff