Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Rockin Day

 DJ, Sierra, Sydney, Mackensie, Amy, Christine and Dave
 Mackensie with a nice one
 I got up so early I wish I could go home and take a nap
 Sydney screaming "this fish is wiggling"!
DP's Clients Reina and Nigel

Sunny and Pleasant, water temperature 83* and Clear
Today DP and I both had clients so we got up early and filled our tanks up with bait then met everyone at daylight and went fishing. Our plan was for both of us to check out different areas and when one of us found a nice school we would call the other into it. I found what I wanted but just as I sat down to work it I saw another fisherman who had been watching us come to us on his big motor. I told my clients when this fisherman was 500 yards away that he would wait for us to stop then come right up to us. Well he did and started putting rods out so I just got back up and left him there. I headed down lake and before I got far DP called and said he found some fish so we went to him. When we got there he was set up fishing so I stopped a couple hundred yards away so I would not spook the school and put out our downlines. Before we knew it the bite was on. Everything we had out started going down and the same thing was going on in D's boat. Both boats worked the school for over an hour burning up about 300 baits and putting a lot of Stripers in the box. We both had to catch bait so we did then went our separate ways. DP only needed two more fish for a limit which only took a few more minutes then he came off the water. I went and hit a few different areas catching fish everywhere we went. We ended up using up all of our baits again then calling it quits for the day. Everyone had a ball today reeling in fish after fish. I have no idea exactly how many fish we caught but it was more than enough for everyone to handle. The guys thumbs were raw from handling Stripers and the girls tummies were red and sore from reeling in fish. Glad I am not cleaning all of those fish!

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