Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another suscessful day of Striper fishing

 Chuck, Jim and Ed
Jr., Gene, Sonny, David and Mike

Thunderstorms changing to Cloudy changing to Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 81* and clear
Today Tony and I had charters so we both hit the water at O dark thirty to fill our tanks up with bait. We had quite a light show with all the lightning in the sky this morning. The rain subsided and by 5:30 it had quit so we loaded the boats up with our clients and went looking for fish. I found a small school fairly quickly so we set up on them and popped 7 keepers by 6:15. I called Tony over but he wanted to set up on something else so he did not get into the action. We set up on several other schools catching punks and by 8 o'clock I had to go catch more bait. Tony had hit 4 or 5 different places catching punks , Catfish and only a couple keepers. I decided after catching bait to make a big move and went way downlake. We caught about 20 more Stripers and found some huge schools. Tony called and said he finally was catching some keepers so we decided to go back up toward him. We filled our tanks up and hit another area and caught another 15 Stripers. Meanwhile Tony went and refueled and caught more bait. About 15 minutes later he called and said come to him as quick as we could. Five minutes late we rounded the turn and saw 4 men hooked up with Tony having two nets in his hand landing the fish. By the time I put my trolling motor in the water and trolled over to him we watched them boat 13 more Stripers. They had gone from zero's to hero's very quickly and had limited out. My client Jim who has been going out with me forever watched Tony scrambling and giving orders while they were having all the action and said it is obvious who Tony learned from, he acted just like you do, and had the same results. Now it was our turn and within a couple minutes we caught another 15 to 20 Stripers and were out of bait. Today we caught fish everywhere Tony and I fished but many times the quality was not there. Patience paid off with some beautiful Stringers and happy Clients.

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