Friday, June 13, 2014

A Whole lot of Stripers

 Ryan, Marty, Andy and Mark

Tom, Kim, Bob and Tony

Cloudy and Warm, Water temperature 82* and clear
Tony and I both had trips this morning so we caught bait, picked our clients up and went looking schools of Stripers. Tony went one way and I went the other. I set up on some  Stripers and we banged a few nice one before they moved on. Tony saw some bait and topped his tank off so he could be ready when we found the larger schools. I found a second school and went through all of our bait. Tony came over and picked up where I left off while I went and filled up my two tanks with fresh bait. After catching bait we found one more school. By now my crew knew exactly what to do and we wore them out. Tony's crew was dialed in by now also and they did the same. It was 9:30, the sun was coming out, it was getting hot and the pleasure boaters were all over the lake,and we were coming off the water. There must be a race or a show for speed boats this weekend, they are everywhere. Today between both boats we probably caught 150 to 175 fish and our clients went home with some good memories and some wonderful diner.

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