Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Good Day On The Water

 Mark, Alex, Nick, Leo, Andrew and Marshall

 Leo holding one of many that he caught this morning.

Tony's Clients Austin, Kevin, Sandy, Brian, Chris, Michelle 

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 88* and clear.
Today Tony and myself both had trips so we got out early this morning to catch bait. Well the moon was full and bright which made bait collection extremely difficult. We picked our clients up then went and topped off out bait tanks then went searching for Stripers. We both hit numerous areas till not seeing a whole lot then Tony called and said they had caught about 6 keepers just in an area with no particular pattern. I went to him and set out our baits but only caught a couple fish. I decided to make a move so I looked a little more then decided to do something different. Before we could get all of our baits in we started hooking up. Tony came over and we all had a great time catching Stripers.

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