Monday, July 20, 2015

A Hot Day on the Water

Robert, Danielle, Jennifer and Cliff

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 88* and Clear
Today I was glad it wasn't the weekend with so many boats on the water. Although it was very hot the lake was calm and quiet. We set up in 4 or 5 different areas today and caught fish in each one. I realized a pattern and dialed in on it to put some nice fish in the boat this morning. By about 11 it was just too hot to be out so we called it a day. Robert hasn't been out with me in awhile and today I could tell how long it had been since he had been fishing. Both of his thumbs were raw from taking fish off the hooks. He is enjoying his granddaughter for a couple of weeks and this was a great way to start the vacation off. Danielle reeled in most of the bigger fish today.

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