Monday, July 13, 2015

A Great Morning of Catching Stripers

 Greg, Sam, Sam, Barnett, Tyler and Maggie

This happens when you stay busy all morning taking Stripers off the hook!

Cloudy and Rain, water temperature 84* and clear
I pick my crew up this morning at High Point at 5:30 after catching over 200 baits. After showing them how to deploy the baits we went looking for some fish. We set up on some but after a dozen strikes with no hook ups I decided to move on. In our second set we started boating fish and boated 4 keepers before it fizzled out. We move again and hit the jackpot. We boated Striper after Striper and went through all but about 50 baits till the lake A-Hole in a Bass Boat started circling us and spooked the fish. This particular guy does this every day to not only me but every other Striper fisherman on the lake. We worked the area for 10 more minutes without catching a fish. We went to top our tanks off with Herring and passed a friend who was fishing and this jerk in the bass boat was circling him spooking his fish!!! Anyway I caught 150 more baits and went looking for more Stripers. I found the mother load and we set up on them as quick as we could. Next thing we knew every rod was hooked up and for the next 30 minutes. Greg and Barnett were running around the boat taking fish off for the kids while I was baiting hooks and netting fish. It was 9:45 and we had 26 keepers in the box! We took a break and I retied the lines then found some more fish and limited out fairly quickly. We caught Stripers today because my crew listened well when I explained to them not only how to deploy the baits but also how to reel the fish in. We were a well oiled machine and even the rain did not put a damper on anything. Click on the guys picture and check their poor thumbs out. Gregory will be hurting tonight!

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