Thursday, July 09, 2015

Simrad Screen Shots

 This is a screen shot I took this morning over one of the many schools we found. You can see the squiggly 2 lines coming down from near the surface. That is our sinker and bait. When I find large schools the aggressive fish are the ones at the top of the school so I put our baits it their faces.

 Here we are coming into the school better and you can see another lined being deployed and also see another bait being pulled at 25 feet. These fish are in trouble now.

 This is the same school as above and we are still jamming the Stripers. Someone got excited and put a bait down too deep [35 feet] and you can see the bait never got hit. The bait is the horizontal red line. I engaged a depth cursor [Gray horizontal line] at the depth baits should be set to catch the best fish. I am also showing my coordinates exactly where this picture was taken so you guys who dog me can go out and find schools on your own. You would be wasting your time though, Stripers are always moving and probably don't frequent the same spot more than once a day.

Here is a screen shot with a Navionics map to show what a contact point looks like on a map. I have my depths shaded to help me stay in the zone. There are thousands of under water points on the lake that no one fishes because it is not obvious to the eye. When you shade the depth you are seeing fish in it make it perfectly clear the structures in your depth contour to work. You can shade your map in less than a minute which makes it simple to see points, humps, flats or anything you think will hold fish. Try it a home before you go to the water and check them out once you get there, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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