Thursday, July 09, 2015

Lowrance Screen Shots

 This is a picture of a channel running through a flat. The channel is out to the left of the boat and drops off pretty sharply. You can notice rocks along the edges of the channel and tell how tall they are by the size of the shaddow behind them.

 In this shot we just started to run up on a school of Stripers.

 Here I was trying to locate a school going over different depths. I noticed a school as I approached a hump on the drop off. I had been running about 25mph then steadily slowed to check the school out. Notice there were fish on both sides of the structure. That particular piece of structure is a contact point where schools congregate before moving up shallow and feeding and once the feed they meet back at the contact point then move off to deeper water as a school. The Stripers pull off the flat into deep water stratified no higher than the flat itself. Notice the Stripers also on the left of the side scan. They go out to the left past 100 feet. They are showing up as vertical green dashes. Plenty of motor noise when I was running fast on the left side of the sonar page then mid way I sat the boat down and you can see the disturbance it made near the surface.

 Moments later we are hooked up battling Stripers. Plenty of Nice ones here.
This shot was taken while I was looking for fish. I was working more edges looking for contact areas. I was running pretty fast and all the clouds near the bottom are schools of Herring with small fish mixed in with  them.

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