Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bill Hamilton

January 29th, 2009: Sunny and Cold, Water Temps 40* to 45* and Clear. Bill and I caught bait early and hit a 20 foot flat first thing this morning. In the first hour we boated 8 or 9 Stripers then went to pick up a friend at the dock. Set up on another deeper flat, boated a couple and Bill caught the first Bass. We moved on and hit yet another flat with some brush on it and Bill boated another Bass. We finished out the day pulling 10 to 40 foot flats, getting numerous hits, catching a few but not hooking up well. Although we caught 14 Stripers and a couple of Bass fishing was SLOW today as I knew it would be after 4 days of clouds, snow and rain then followed by a Bluebird Day. Alot of strikes we had today the stripers just mouthed the bait. The water temps had dropped also making the fish more lethargic. Bill released all the fish today to fight again.

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