Monday, January 19, 2009

Todd and Cathy

January 19th, 2009: Cloudy and Cold, Water Temp 42* to 48* and Clear.
Caught bait this morning and at first light we were putting baits out over a 20' flat. We only got 4 out before we got our first strike, and things did not slow down for 30 minutes. We could only imagine what it would of been like if we had our spread of 13 baits out when we hit that area. It was fun while it lasted, I could have turned around and baited up and hit it again but Todd was looking to learn the lake and fish different areas rather than fill the livewell so we moved on. We next set up over 40 feet of water wanting to pull a couple of 20 to 30 foot humps but again we got fooled, only had 7 baits out when the fish started banging the baits and every rod hooked up. By the time I got over the first hump we had no baits in the water. We scrambled to rebait and fished the humps and moved on. About noon the wind changed direction and started blowing out of the west, all the gulls sat down on the water and we never caught another fish. Before the wind changed and while it was blowing out of the south we boated 21 Stripers, the guys keeping a few to eat and releasing the rest in great condition. Todd also caught this citation Bass and released it also.

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