Monday, January 12, 2009

Howard Manweller and Larry Jones

January 12th, 2009: Partly Cloudy and Cold, Water Temp 41* and Clear.
Got out early and caught bait then picked the guys up at 7am. Set out a spread of 10 boards , a bobber and some downlines and pulled 40 foot flats. Before I got them out we started hooking up. It took probably an hour for me to catch up and get the entire spread out due to the action we were having. We fished 40 foot flats till 11am and went and hit some shallower areas for a couple hours only catching a couple of fish then finished the day back over the deeper flats. Today was a great day of fishing, we caught over 20 Stripers , the guys taking home a couple for the table. We had well over 35 strikes today, not bad for a cold January day.

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