Friday, January 30, 2009


January 30th, 2009: Sunny and Windy, Water Temp 45* and Clear.

Spoke to Nathan last night about the wind that was suppose to blow today giving him his options of fishing today or rescheduling to another day. He said the other 2 guys that were going to go backed out, that it was his birthday and he wanted to catch fish on his birthday. I thought I could oblige him, at least for the first part of the day, so we went. We met at o dark thirty, went out in the fog by GPS, set out my spread of boards, told him to throw some excess baits I had in the lake and before he knew what happened [Thirty minutes] we had 8 Stripers in the cooler and had been throwing others back. It was so early still we could not see the bank in most places due to the fog. At 7:30 we decided that since it was his birthday and him being 28 today we would try to catch 28 Stripers this morning. We ended up getting blown off the water after boating 26 Stripers, 2 shy of our goal. We both had a great morning, Nathan is a very good fisherman, he listened well and understood what it would take for us to catch the fish we did today in the windy conditions just by ourselves. He probably won't forget his 28th birthday. Pictured are the stringer of keepers from early this morning and a couple of other fish we caught later. Eighteen Stripers were returned to the lake to fight another day.




Marlissa said...

Awesome! Nice job, Nathan. I hope your birthday is as lucky as it was for the 18 stripers that lived to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

Nathan , looks like your birthday wish came true . Good job ! Terry S. gave me an invite , but such late notice I could not schedule it in . Wish I was there to share this with you . Remember the tournament we fished on Lake Anna years ago ? Your friend , Tim S.

Terry said...

What in tarnation. Looks like Jim came through big for your birthday striper outing. The only thing I don't like about the pictures posted is that d**** dallas hat you had on and that I wasn't in them with ya.

george said...

me and my dad went striper fishing down in new orleans a few years back, and i gotta say it was one of the best times i've ever had. i love fishing more than i love my wife, laura, and i really love her.

congratulations, young nathan, may your future expeditions be even more expeditious.