Friday, January 23, 2009

Walt Weeks and Mark Mautte

January 23rd, 2009: Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temp 41* to 46* and Clear.

We set up before daylight way out on a long tapering point that dropped off into a 40 foot flat, hoping to get a spread of 12 boards and a bobber out without getting hit, but before we could we hooked up with doubles. We were really waiting on Mark to show up and

was fishing an area nearby the ramp. We picked Mark up an hour after daylight, by then we had already caught 8 Stripers. We had to go elsewhere to set up again because we got busted reeling in fish and a guy kept trolling back and forth where he saw us boat the fish. We pulled 40 foot flats with humps on them rising up to 10 feet and ended up catching 18 Stripers today. The guys had to hold the fish by hand today for the camera, I had misplaced my fish stick. Mark caught a nice Bass, the largest he has ever caught. The wind got up pretty bad around noon and ran us off the water. All day Walt kept mumbling something about Mary Tracy comparing her to Joan Devoe and fish, I am really not sure what they all have in common!

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