Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Cold Rainy Day

I'm Back. I have been off the water hunting lately and today is my first day fishing this year. I will resume my regular postings.

January 7th, 2009 . Cold and Rain, Water Temps 41* Mid Lake to 53* Downlake.

I had today booked with a good client but they did not want to fight the 2 inches of rain today so I called the only other person I knew that was idiot enough to go out on a day like today, Anthony. I got out well before daylight to catch bait while Anthony stayed in town to get his crews off to work. I was having trouble catching bait, caught thousands of 2 inch threadfin. Anthony got to the lake finally and we checked a hole out downlake for 20 minutes getting a couple weak strikes so we decided to move on. We set up boards and pulled a couple 20 foot flats hooking up with a 6 pound Striper and 4 Bass, the one in the picture was a 6.12 pound 22" citation. We had discussed last night where and what we wanted to fish today but bait collection and starting at 11am messed us up a little but we decided to go with our original plan and took off. We set up fishing with boards and downlines working 40 foot flats and the points adjacent to them. Before we got our spread out the action started and for the next 2 hours we played catch up trying to keep our lines baited. [ Anthony's 20 calls from work did not help things much] Although today was miserable weather, it did keep the other boaters off the water which allowed us to fish uninhibited.

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CatchingStripers1 said...

JIM HEMBY owns the lake (BULLCRAP) I always hear him talking about all the other boats and how they ruin his fishing. (BOO FREAKTY HOOOOOO) I guess the Virginia DGIF stocks stripers in Anna exclusivly for Mr. Hemby to catch. (YEAH RIGHT SICK OF THAT!!!!!!!!!) Quit CRYING like a little girl. Since stripers are a schooling fish it only seems to reason that somtimes, once in a while that more than one boat may try to fish the same school AND since you CALL your self a guide catching those fish in a barrel stripers at ANNA YOU if ANYONE should be above that and able to overcome the adversity. GET OVER YOURSELF and maybe try to be a SPORTSMAN!!!!!!

Jim Hemby said...

Reply to Catchingstripers1
If you don't like my postings why do you always read them. You say you always hear me talking about other boats, the only time I do mention them is in my Journal. The reason I do is that as everyone knows on Lake Anna boat motors SPOOK FISH. Unlike many other fisherman I run spreads 100 yards wide especially when there is limited boat traffic with planner boards. On a weekly bases my lines get cut off by inconsiderate fisherman.I simply want my clients to enjoy a days fishing and not be bothered by other inconsiderate boaters. I am not a gregarious fisherman, I always look for fish where other boats are not near, as any one of my clients will attest to. For your information the Stripers are not always schooling [the only school I know of this time of year are the punks around dike 3.] If they were schooling the hundreds of striper fisherman that have been fishing the lake for the past 2 months can't locate them, maybe you can! You may want to take my blog off of your auto postings and start one of your own, that way you won't have to get so upset. You remind me of a guide on the lake that just started his own blog. He also follows my postings regularly and enjoys bashing other fisherman's success. Maybe you should try going out and catching fish and have some fun, it should help your disposition. Have a Great New Year.