Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brian, Joe and John

January 18th, 2009: Cloudy and Cold, Water Temps 38* midlake and 48* downlake.

After 3 days of extremely cold weather it warmed up just enough today to go out. We got out on the water at noon , caught bait and went downlake to the warmest water we could find , at the 3rd Dike. It was so windy that I just ran the trolling motor while Brian baited the lines. We set up a spread of boards and pulled the whole bay, waisting a couple hours only to catch a couple punks. The wind around 3 o'clock laid down to 10mph so we got our lines in and ran uplake to a bay where I located some fish earlier in the week and put out our spread there. We hooked up before we got all of our lines out and played catch up for the next hour. We saw fish deep between 25 and 30 feet but they would not hit, we only caught fish less than 10 feet deep, in the wind. With the wind it was hard to know how many strikes we got but we do know we caught 15 Stripers with the largest one over 12 pounds caught by Joe. The guys kept a couple and released the rest to fight again.

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