Monday, July 13, 2009

Bruce, Eric, Brien, Mike and Jack

July 13th, 2009: Sunny and warm, Water Temperature 85* and clear.
Caught 210 Herring before daylight and picked the guys up at their dock at 5:30. Looked for about 10 minutes for a school of Stripers and found one over a shallow flat. We put out 10 downlines and the action began. This was the guys first set up so we were a little slow but managed to boat 8 or 10 fish. They wanted to release all the fish today so that was what we were doing. I warning them earlier that when we released the fish they would spook the rest of the school and that if I did not think the fish would survive that we needed to keep the fish. Didn't take long for the first school to break up so we looked for more. We set up about 5 different times until we ran out of bait and had to go catch some more. Shortly after catching the bait we located some more fish and had fun with them also. We caught about 30 Stripers today, not bad for releasing so many but I am positive if we could have kept some fish vrs alerting the rest of the school we could have done better. Everyone caught plenty of fish anyway and we all had fun today. Bruce caught this Bass out in front of Mikes house mid-morning.

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